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LAURA from JACKSON, MS, writes:

“I'm a new listener and have really enjoyed exploring your archived episodes. But I'm writing in regards to a comment made on a recent show where someone suggested that the ‘Aria Code’ podcast might be "Met propaganda".

I'm a very recent convert to opera and have been looking for more ways to learn about the music, the people, the technical aspects, etc. And obviously, there's only so much I can learn from Google and recordings. So programs like ‘Aria Code’ and ‘Opera Box Score’ have been instrumental in teaching me about what makes a performance or performer greater than the sum of the parts.

As a someone in her 20's who is geographically removed from major opera houses like the Met and works in STEM rather than the arts, I appreciate that someone is working to make the art form accessible to me without pandering or dumbing it down. I'm hardly a cultural bellwether, but I imagine that I'm probably part of the demographic they're targeting with this podcast.

So is it propaganda? Maybe. But if so, it's damned good.”

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