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Tonight, we introduce our new segment ‘Hall of Fame’, in which one of our team shares stories and clips about the ways in which one artist -- or one opera -- changed their life.  Weston will kick things off.  Find out who -- or what -- he chose...

But first, we take a look at an article in last week’s Washington ‘Post’, in which music critic Anne Midgette wrote: “Every once in a while in the life of a critic, something one does on one’s beat comes to define them for some time to come.  I had one such moment this spring.  To the outside eye, the choice may not have seemed that momentous.”  We’ll tell you what her decision was...

Plus at 9.40 pm, it’s the ‘Two Minute Drill’: everything you need to know from the past week in Operaland, and our hot takes on those stories...

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